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I'm Malte Langkabel (which should be obvoius by now), a dedicated game programmer and AI enthusiast. For whatever reason I'd like to share some of the most interesting aspects of my work and projects right here! If I can spare some time, I will post news and updates about what I'm currently working on every once in a while.

Feel free to take a look.


monday, april 24, 2017
Sourcetrail - The Source Explorer for C/C++ and Java

Looking at the most recent posts here I realize that I haven't updated this website in a while. The reason for that is called Sourcetrail, a project my team and I have been working on for several years by now. One and a half years ago we founded our own company and turned Sourcetrail into a real product. This is consuming a lot of my time, hence I fear that you won't see many updates here in the near future.

thursday, september 24, 2015
Graduation from University (the third)

Today I graduated from the master's degree program MultiMediaTechnology at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. One of the most interesting parts of this course was writing my thesis about using game AI techniques in order to build a parser for arbitrary languages.

friday, february 7, 2014

Almost done. That's what I would call the status of our latest project Airbrush, a platform where you can explore artistically abstracted visualizations of flights, shared by pilots all over the world.
Thanks to the semester break, we now have time for some last tweaks and we hope to release the project in the near future.

wednesday, november 6, 2013
Blackguards on Steam!

Since yesterday our brand new Strategy-RPG is available for early access on Steam. Take a look!

tuesday, october 22, 2013
New provider, new domain.

I liked my old domain name (which was www.nebucryfar.de), but it seemed like nobody but me was able to remember that name.
Therefore I decided to register a more obvious name (www.maltelangkabel.com) for my homepage while moving to a new provider. Additionaly I also kept my old domain name so that anyone who might approach from that direction can be redirected here.
But since there is no one who can remember that one in the first place... hm, I guess I just really liked it ;)

tuesday, june 25, 2013
Graduation from University

After graduating from the bachelor program MultiMediaArt with a Bachelor of Arts last week, today I've had my last examination before a committee at MultiMediaTechnology after which I have also become a Bachelor of Science. Since studying two different subjects at the same time was quite demanding, I'm now gladly passing away the time during the semester break in a rather relaxing manner.
Nevertheless there is still much more to learn. Therefore I'm also looking forward to join the University in late September again.

thursday, june 06, 2013
Creativity Rules - Anachronism

Tonight we will take our bachelor project Anachronism to the cinema in the city of Hallein. In the context of the Creativity Rules Festival this is an opportunity for everyone to participate in playing the game theirselves and compete with friends.
Thursday, June 6th, 2012 | 6pm
Cinema Hallein City
Kuffergasse 2 | 5400 Hallein

monday, april 15, 2013
MMT Master, here I come!

Some weeks ago I applied for joining the master's degree course of MultiMediaTechnology at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. In short: It is basically about computer science and focusses on both, web- and game-technologies.
Today I finally received an email that confirms my place to study!

thursday, march 21, 2013
Blackguards announced!

Finally Daedalic Entertainment announced their upcoming turn-based strategy RPG called Blackguards, which is the game I was working on in 2012. Since 3D RPGs are not the kind of games Daedalic is famous for, I am curious about the reacitons of the gaming community.

wednesday, january 23, 2013

Now the time has come to announce our next bigger project. Anachronism is the name of what will be a 2D multiplayer shooter following the very special mechanics of time manipulation. We have been planning this project for quite a while and after we have spent the entire last week on software engineering, we are now finally starting to write some code!

saturday, december 29, 2012
Farewell Daedalic!

Now that the time of my internship at Daedalic Entertainment has come to an end, I want to thank all the wonderful people I have met there for the great time. I really enjoyed working with all of you and therefore I absolutely appreciate the farewell-present I got from you. Thank you very much!

thursday, december 20, 2012
Inside Up on ARTE

I'm really proud to announce that our last animation movie Inside Up won at the ARTE 21.12.12: Der kürzeste Tag shortfilm competition and will be on TV tomorrow at 4:10AM and again at 1:00PM!

friday, december 07, 2012
Game Jam updates?

I want to dedicate this post to the game project we started at the Innogames Jam some months ago. Meanwhile we (in particular the team of programmers) have met for several weekend-working sessions. About one or two months ago we have been proud to announce all the game mechanics to be implemented.
Nevertheless I'm not sure if the game will ever reach a finite state, since our pipeline of content creation got stuck somewhere right at its beginning, mainly caused by a lack of sparetime.
Based on previous observations it looks like the chances to finish a (team-) project drastically drop when its duration exceeds the estimated timeframe. Additionally this progress seems to advance even faster on bigger teams, although one could imagine that especially in bigger teams there must be still enough people to finish the project when some drop off.

saturday, september 29, 2012
Interactive header

In the last couple of days I took some time to tinker with Javascript and WebGL. This resulted in an interactive simulation of some kind of liquid, which you might currently see above in the page's header. In case you can only see a static image, your browser probably does not support WebGL. So if you really want to see it anyways, I would recommend switching to a browser that can cope with it (eg. Google Chrome).
The simulation's rendering is guided by the concept of metaballs. The motion of each individual metaball combines several different steering behaviors.

Hint: Bring your mouse cursor into the simulation's frame if you haven't tried it by now.

sunday, september 16, 2012
Game Jam at InnoGames

This was a really hard weekend, I have to admit. Friday afternoon a colleague from Daedalic asked me to join her team for the 48 hours Game Jam at InnoGames as a programmer. I didn't hesitate to agree and some hours later we found ourselves working out all the details of a comprehensive game concept.
Right now, more than two days later I have to say that it was a great event and a wonderful experience. I've learned a lot in the past days and since we haven't finished our ambitious project I also learned the lesson that a big team doesn't automatically result in being able to finish oversized projects in such a short amount of time. Nevertheless we are looking forward to finish the game during one of the next weeks.

sunday, august 12, 2012
Daedalic first impressions

My first two weeks at Daedalic Entertainment are over now and I really have to say that I'm impressed by the company itself and in particular by all the people working there! The whole atmosphere and therefore also the teamwork is totally as great as I've imagined. Since the game we are working on is still not announced yet, I cannot tell anything about what I'm actually doing there at the moment.

thursday, march 15, 2012
Internship at Daedalic

Last week I applied for an internship semester at Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg, Germany. When they called me on tuesday we talked quite a long time followed by a firm offer to do my internship as a game programmer at their place.
Currently I'm not allowed to tell anything about the game I will be working on, but I think it will be announced soon.
So I'm already looking foreward to August, since that is when my internship begins.

monday, february 27, 2012
That's it.

The semester break is over and therefore I think this will be the last update for now. This time I created a cathegory to publish some of the scripts I'm writing for Autodesk Maya. You can find it here or take a look at the code-page.
During the upcoming semester I will be working on a new animation project so I hope I will have time to post some pictures while the project is in progress.

saturday, february 25, 2012

As a little extension I added a subsection for Animations to my art-page.

monday, february 13, 2012
And another update

Today I added some concept art for the film project Back to the Roots. Furthermore I extended the code section by showing some information on my first bachelor project concerning Adaptive AI.

saturday, february 11, 2012
Next one

On to a second update. This time I created an entry for the computer game Sidelives.

thursday, february 9, 2012
Time for updates

It is the first week of the semester break. Hopefully I will be able to use this time and put some of the projects I worked on during the last semester online. First of all here is some concept art for Urban Evolution.

wednesday, december 14, 2011
Some more paintings

Some days ago I found a couple of paintings I created during the last year. Today I made time for capturing and uploading them. Click Paint & Draw to watch the new images!

friday, october 28, 2011
Game project Graviator added

For about a year we have been working on a game called Graviator. The basic game is finished but it still needs a lot of tweaking.
Anyway now is the time I decided to open the project here on my portfolio page. Since it is under construction I also added a Dev Blog where I publish some information on recent developments.

tuesday, september 27, 2011
Clashing Realms at App Economy

On October 20th the mobile game Clashing Realms will be for public viewing at the App Economy conference in Salzburg.

Thursday, October 20th, 2011 | 7pm
University of Applied Sciences Salzburg | Campus Urstein | room 110
Urstein Sued 1 | 5412 Puch

thursday, september 22, 2011
Game Controller added

I just expanded the code section by adding some information on my self-made Game Controller.

friday, september 9, 2011
Redesign of nebucryfar.de

Today I finally finished the redesign of nebucryfar.de I really longed for. Now this page allows me to sort my projects into two different categories.
It shows projects where I concentrated on doing the art, design or animation in the section ART. The category CODE embraces other projects where I focussed on things like code and technology.