Anachronism is a 2D multiplayer shooter where time stands still. This phenomenon affects the whole world of the game but very limited space around each players character. So this is the location where bullets continue on their initial trajectory and grenades count down to fulfil their purpose.
Of course Anachronism is not only about shooting and running around. It is also about manipulation of time in a well thought out manner. One part of the player-side control is a mechanism allowing the players to extend or to concentrate their individual "time fields" to manipulate the area and the speed of passing time.
Further mechanics will be introduced in the near future when the time has come.


  • Cinder | rendering
  • CEGui | graphical user interface
  • Box2D | 2D physics
  • FMOD | managing sounds & music
  • Boost | threads & network


  • Malte Langkabel | concept, programming, 2D graphics
  • Manuel Dobusch | concept, programming
  • Andreas Treiblmaier | programming
  • Thomas Schey | programming
  • Gregor Kari | concept art, 2D graphics
  • Stefan Lechner | sounds & music

Dev Blog

friday, may 24, 2013

Right now Anachronism is not far from its official release date. To be more precise: the project's deadline is laid down in less than two weeks from now. Since our workload still exceeds manageable capacities, we now feel like having to take the necessary step of cutting back unnecessary or unmanageable features we thought of during our initial planning of the project.
To be honest, the disposal of the feature that hurt most was the decision of getting rid of all our network gaming code. Initially we planned the game to be played either as pure Deathmatch on one computer screen (like for example Super Smash Bros.), or as some kind of Team Deathmatch, where each team plays on its own machine and therefore has its own view on the level.
Nevertheless, now that we cut ourselves loose from having to worry about this feature, the project feels manageable again!

monday, may 13, 2013
Asset Production

In the time that has passed since the last project update our 2D artist Gregor did an amazing job in creating various assets that will soon populate our game's world. As an example here you can see some animation cycles of the main character the player will be able to control in the near future.

tuesday, april 23, 2013
The GUI Decision

In the beginning of this project we thought of programming our own, independent system to display the game's graphical user interface (GUI) as being a good idea due to increased flexibility. While implementing the whole functionality it turned out, that our GUI's current state looks quite good, but still lacks many little features most users would expect an interface to provide and therefore was far from being perfect.
In view of all the time that would be required to finish the system we decided that investing our time in programming the actual game would be a much better idea. Therefore we now decided to switch to CEGui rather than using our own solution.

friday, march 8, 2013
Finalized the Gamedesign

Last week we presented the complete concept of Anachronism to Lev Ledit, co-founder and CEO of Game Gestalt, a company that focusses on creating game designs. He was quite keen on the concept and eager to play the final game.
Nevertheless he made some interesting annotations that will accentuate the tactical elemenets of the game even more.
We will let you know, when the game is done, Lev!

thursday, january 24, 2013
Anachronism Dev Blog started

Since this week the first lines of non-prototype-code have been written, it can be taken as fully valid that Anachronism is unter construction right now.