In the utopian futuristic city Taion, where people consider sleep a malfunction of the body and an unacceptable imperfection, a giant competition, "The Sidelives Tournament" is held for 100 civilians, with only one rule to follow: You must not sleep.
During the contest, the city is suddenly hit by a huge tremor, when a dark mass called Void, which is the source of energy in the urban area, breaks free from its pipes and tubes and floods huge parts of the city, devouring everything and everybody touched by it.

Sidelives is the graduation project of some MultiMediaArt master's degree students.
As a bachelor student I took the chance to work in a bigger team than usual and contributed to this project alongside my regular studies. My task was the node-based implementation of shaders in the Unreal Development Kit. Here the creation of a dynamic post-effects-shader took up a major part of my time. Since this shader operates on every rendered frame we used it to define the general graphical style that pervades the whole game.



  • Jonathan Riedler | producing, game design, story design, level design, cutscenes, scripting
  • Marion Kapferer | creative direction, art direction, concept art, 3D-design, print design
  • Mirjam Herman | level design, story design, level blocking, 3D-design, texturing, game design
  • Christoph Schöll | 3D-design, concept art, texturing, animation, cutscenes
  • Iva Müller | concept art, texturing, story design
  • Daniel Schwaiger | AI, programming
  • Annika Müller | game design, logo design, typography
  • Krystian König | sound, music
  • Nikodem Milewski | sound, music
  • Peter Zapotocky | charakter-animation
  • Malte Langkabel | shader programming
  • Sebastian Frisch | audio programming, music
  • Philipp Gresse | game design
  • Christian Mayr | programming
  • Philipp Gigler | assistant programming
  • Robin Müller | assistant programming
  • Ellis Sitar | concept art
  • Michael Olea | game design
  • Logan Keller Brennan-Sawyer | voice actor (84)
  • Peter Arp | voice actor (aristocrat)

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