Clashing Realms


Clashing Realms is a demo for a game that points out how to convert ordinary parts of real world topology into good looking generative in-game graphics. The game uses GPS coordinates to place your character in the virtual reality according to your own position in the real world.

In the virtual reality you are able to interact with the different types of regions (city, forest, land and water) and gather resources, craft new items or just take a rest to regenerate your energy. You can even build up structures to improve your yield in their vicinity.

Clashing Realms augments the real world. You can only move your character in the game when you get up and move your own body and your mobile phone.


  • location based game
  • uses map information from the Google maps API
  • adjusts tiles to the geographic coordinate axes
  • creates tile based look using Google map images
  • 4 different region types
  • each region type provides you with individual actions
  • gather resources
  • craft new items
  • build structures in this augmented reality
  • converse your energy


  • Malte Langkabel | concept, programming
  • Marcus Kauth | concept, programming
  • Mario Reichmann | graphic design