Back to the Roots


Back to the Roots is a mocumentary like film project. At the moment work is in progress and the final movie probably will be released in sping 2013.

During production the team of Back to the Roots sometimes comes up with an interesting workflow or simple solutions to special problems. In this case they sometimes publish guides to present their approaches. These Tutorials can be found here.

For more information about the upcoming movie the following link will guide you to the project's homepage.

If you want to support the project, please don't hesitate to visit our page on Startnext.


  • Cornelia Bader | Creative Direction, Idea, Head of VFX, Screenplay, Colorist
  • Markus Auzinger | Director, Screenplay
  • Elisabeth Güntner | Producer
  • Phil Strahl | Producer
  • Christian Kermer | Camera, Grip, Locations
  • Martin Kienmeyer | Assistant Director
  • Manuel Eder | VFX, Constructions
  • Felix Pflieger | Camera, DoP
  • Philipp Slaboch | Head Grip
  • Fabian Uitz | Head Grip
  • Philipp Götz | Web Programming, Data Wrangler
  • Andrea Zehetner | Web Design, Photographer
  • Julia Fischer | Web Design
  • Ariane Pellini | Sound, Mix
  • Andreas Weisz | Composer
  • Wolfgang Windischhofer | VFX, 3D
  • Gerald Gradwohl | VFX, 3D
  • Ömer Yürekli | VFX, 3D
  • Johannes Schranz | 3D, Animation
  • Mario Reichmann | 3D, Modeling
  • Gregor Kari | Concept Art
  • Malte Langkabel | Concept Art
  • Philipp Födermayr | 3D, Prop Modeling
  • Verena Demel | 3D, Modeling, Texturing
  • Moses Kallweit | 3D, Prop Modeling
  • Peter Kohlwein | 3D, Character Modeling
  • Philip Klich | 3D, Character Texturing
  • Guiseppe Pagnozzi | 3D, Character Texturing